I Will Take One Thin Mint and One Shortbread Please

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I Will Take One Thin Mint and One Shortbread Please

Taking off, your Girl Scout Cookies are on their way! That was what we shouted as dozens of Girl Scouts waited patiently on the side lines to have their favorite cookies delivered via drone. Yes, that’s right, drone delivery of Girl Scout Cookies.

When Sharon Rossmark called me and asked if I would like to team up to teach The Girl Scouts how to fly drones of course I said, “count me in!” I was a Girl Scout for many years and love all the adventures our troop leaders would plan for us. Of course cookie season was a highlight as I went door to door with my order form gathering over 200 orders of various GS Cookie classics. I would then load them up in a wagon several weeks later and go door to door delivering yummy happiness to my neighborhood. You remember those days, right?

I had just purchased a drone delivery kit and mentioned to Sharon; “do you want me to deliver GS cookies to the troops?’ Of course she said “ABSOLUTELY!” Our Women and Drones team brought an incredible event to all the troops that participated for the day. Yet the drone delivery of the GS Cookies was the most memorable. Who could have imagined such a feat was possible? Even I had to sit back and take in what I just experienced. So inspirational and empowering in so many ways. Drones are the future and the future is now!

The Women and Drones platform and organization is just an amazing energy and opportunity. Teaching & connecting young and mature women to be confident and competent in the drone space is so rewarding. The smiles on the girl’s faces, the determination to try something new and succeed is an amazing honor as an instructor. ‘I love what I do, I do what I love, with forward thinking women of all ages.

Kim Players, First Lady of Drones