The Crew

Our diverse crew of certified drone pilots are passionate about sharing their varied expertise in UAS. As natives to the Greater Philadelphia Area, our drone experts understand how and where to fly safely in our active airspace.


Words that describe Kplay: Innovator, energizing, trailblazer.

Kim Players, First Lady of Drones

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Remote Commercial Pilot FAA Certified

Kim has spent the past 30 years in sales and marketing, public speaking, and leadership training.

Her ability as a visionary, educator, and team leader has given her boundless opportunities as an entrepreneur and professional speaker. As CEO of Master Your Drone she has attracted Angel Investors, won a grant from Penn State University, and was awarded office space through a startup accelerator program. Her interest in drones began at a speaking event when one of her colleagues displayed a DJI Inspire 1 drone. He told her a story of Search and Rescue where drone technology saved the day assisting with the aftermath of a devastating East Coast storm. Her WHY was ignited and the How became her passion. Now as a FAA certified drone pilot and founder of Master Your Drone Flight Training School, she is focused on educating and inspiring others in drone safety, performance, and commercial uses in the marketplace.

As a lifetime entrepreneur, businesses have moved through the seasons of her life with passion, purpose, and profit. The drone industry has given Kim an opportunity to embrace and celebrate her life’s experiences & share them with others. “I love assisting people to find their passion, create their purpose, reach their goals, and create income.” As a master trainer Kim has assisted thousands of eager clients to reach their goals and follow their dreams!

Kim is the Mother of two fabulous & focused daughters and has been married to her biggest fan Jeffrey for 31 years. Come fly with Kim, the view from the sky is simply spectacular!


Parth Shah, Spitfire

FAA Airmen Knowledge Prep Test Instructor

Parth Shah (Spitfire) holds a private pilot’s license & a part 107 certification. He’s been a fan of aviation since he was a child. Growing up in India he would sit on the rooftop of his family home in Mumbai, India and watch airplanes take off and land. He never imagined that one day he too would be flying high in the sky. “This is a dream come true” Parth says as he fly’s locally and is currently working on getting his Commercial Pilot’s License.

Parth is a trainer for Master Your Part 107 prep test course. He specializes in National Airspace, Sectional Charts, and Weather. His students love his passion and attention to detail as he takes them step by step through the world of aviation and how it’s related to UAS.

“I love helping and teaching people anything related to aviation because it’s the coolest thing to do and is so rewarding.”

He is continually working on his drone piloting skills as well flying various commercial drones. His motto is “A pilot is always learning!” We are blessed to have Parth as part of the Master Your Drone Team!


Desiree Ekstein, widely recognized as “Drone Diva Desi,” is an accomplished figure in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Her diverse achievements and contributions to the industry have solidified her reputation as a trailblazer and expert in the field.

Desiree Ekstein, is the founder of On The Go, an enterprise dedicated to providing training and services related to drone technology, video production, mapping and 3D models.. Notably, she was among the pioneering women who received the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate in 2016, showcasing her commitment to advancing in the emerging drone industry. Desi’s expertise extends to various facets of drone operation and instruction. Providing training as an Adjunct Instructor and as part of a young female STEM practicum, “Girls Take Flight.” Her qualifications are exemplified by her AUVSI TOP Level 3 pilot and instructor status. She is the UAS Lead FAASTeam Representative and a DronePro in San Diego, California to promote drone safety. Desi’s influence extends beyond the United States as an international public speaker and she is a published author, sharing her expertise about the drone industry, its regulations, and its potential. Her dedication to safety and training is evident as her role in the drone industry she has been inducted into the Hall of Fame and received the FAA Part 107 Trailblazer award for the Women and Drones Emerging Aviation Technologies.

Desiree Ekstein’s remarkable achievements and contributions to the drone industry position her as a respected figure and advocate for both safety and innovation in the field.

Shari Williams Drone Expert

Shari Williams, Goddess of Drones

FAA Airmen Knowledge Prep Test Instructor

Shari Williams, the “Goddess of Drones”, is an established Public Relations and Community Outreach professional, stem and safety advocate. Shari has worked and partnered with stem programs and business professionals for over 23 1/2 years in state government and Corporate America. Shari has a bachelor’s degree from Eastern University in Organizational Management and acts as the lead liaison for the integration of safety, compliance, and legal requirements of UAV systems.

Shari was introduced to drones in 2016 while having lunch with Kim Players. She quickly realized the opportunity presented and immediately wanted to master her drone skills and become a FAA Certified Pilot. Although flying drones is fun and rewarding it is equally challenging due to weather, safety, and airspace restrictions. As a partner with the Master Your Drone Flight School, Shari is passionate about teaching our students and assisting them to understand what it takes to become a FAA Certified Drone Pilot. She prides herself on our students passing the FAA Airmen Knowledge Exam with an 85-92%, and a readiness to take on the future as a drone pilot professional. Shari is quick to say “Shut up and Fly.” a phrase she coined while learning to fly during her Master Your Drone flight training days.

Shari’s personal mission is to help develop, guide, and encourage the next generation to look at Drones as a profession.


Tofunmi Adeyemi

FAA Part 107 Certified Pilot and Drone Pilot Assistant

Tofunmi is a FAA Part 107 Certified Pilot and Drone Pilot Assistant at MYD. After completing her undergraduate degree in Finance in 2019, her interest in emerging technology, artificial intelligence and innovation led her to proactively seek professional training in the drone industry. Through one of contacts, she was introduced to the Drone Program offered by the Philadelphia OIC which is facilitated by the renowned and accredited Master Your Drone team.

She successfully completed the course and received her Remote Pilot license in December, 2020. Tofunmi is currently a candidate for a Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics degree. In her field, she has been able to identify how drones could be used to gather real-time data, aid recommendations and guide decision making for large organizations. She believes that anything is attainable if one sets their mind to it. She is committed to learning more about technological advancements and has a passion to be able to empower other young professionals to take bold steps and dare to dream big!

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