Want to learn how to fly?

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Well, we can show you.  Saturday mornings are usually spent running errands, cleaning your house, sleeping in, working, attending a special event or just for early morning flying.   When your excited about doing any of those things and in our case flying our drones then you get up on a Saturday morning in December when it’s so cold outside your fingers and toes feel like they are going to fall off, but all that goes right out of the window when you get out there with our meet-up group and start playing around with your drone in the cold.  It really brings the kid out in you, it feels exhilarating to just be outside flying with your fellow drone pilots, learning new tricks and testing the weather and your drones’ capabilities.  It’s cold but you’re having so much fun you forget about the weather and just shut up and fly!! The Drone industry is big business and big fun, don’t miss out on doing the things you love to do just because of the weather, make the best of it!

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