Practice practice practice!

 In Training

One thing became apparent the very first time I had the remote control for my drone in my hands. I had a lot to learn! Fortunately for me my drone training course was finished right in time for spring. The weather was perfect for flying every day and that’s exactly what I did. I would take one battery out a day and fly until it ran out.

I practiced landing manually, I practiced patterns, I practiced flying at different altitudes,  and I practiced taking pictures at different altitudes. Before I knew it, I was getting asked to do small jobs and I knew enough to do an impressive job.

I also started a Meet Up and this really brought my practice and skills to the next level. Meeting others that have been flying longer than me and have experience in the RC field was so exciting. Oh the joys of flying a drone!

Before I knew it it was winter. Ugh! Lots of cold, lots of snow,  lots of frosty days.

So how did I practice in the winter?  On those not drone friendly days?  I invested in the real flight drone simulator and my practice continued.

I’m not a gamer yet I found the drone simulator fun & very helpful in continuing working on my flight skills.  I can fly different types of drones and fly on all types of terrain.  Learning depth perception,  how to fly and shoot at various angles,  and master my controls box.  There are so many possibilities w/ drone technology as the marketplace is just now starting to discover how helpful and relevant drones are. As the market emerges I will continue my practice. My motto is:

Practice Practice Practice, Paycheck Paycheck Paycheck!

Stop by and fly w/ me sometime -Kplay out!

drone experts showing their drones