Ten Things You May Not Know About Drones

 In Drone FAQ
  1. Drones take more time to learn than you think.
  2. Once you get the hang of flying, drones are addictive.
  3. Start with a smaller drone

Top 3 Drones under $150

  1. Purchase extra batteries when buying your drone.
  2. Real Flight Drone Simulators are an excellent way to advance flying skills
  3. Take responsibility by familiarizing yourself with the FAA Know Before You Fly laws.
  4. Always fly in unpopulated areas.
  5. Joining a drone Meetup can be fun and educational.
  6. Polarized sunglasses area must!
  7. Flying inside is an advance skill. Use propeller guards and extreme caution.

Fun & safe flying,  First Lady of Drones out!

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